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Eliminate 90% of the time and resources dedicated to your Escrow, Trust, IOLTA and Bankruptcy accounting each month, while significantly improving efficiency, compliance, and accuracy.

Don't Wait for an Audit

Automate your Escrow, Trust, Bankruptcy and IOLTA accounting practices.

20 Reasons to Switch to EscrowTrakker® today

#1  You’re always ready for an audit

#2  Cloud storage for all your records

#3  Eliminate errors

#4  Reduce your fraud risk

#5  Enter and store transactions on any device in seconds

#6 Track by account and customer instantly

#7  Instant 3-way monthly reconciliation report

#8 Easily store images of checks in the cloud 

#9 Save time and money by reducing dedicated resources by 90%

#10  Optimized for use on all devices

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#11  Superb customer service

#12  Print out  detailed customer statements

#13  Easy to understand analytics and data-mining features

#14  Improve your efficiency, accuracy and compliance

#15  No other software required

#16  Free 30-day trial, then just $24.99/year

#17  Easy-to-use, no accounting experience needed

#18  Free email customer service 24/7. We love to help

#19  Track up to 200 bank accounts flawlessly at once

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About the App

General Features

EscrowTrakker® was designed by our programmers and engineers to simplify the task of reconciling bank accounts by transaction ledger and customer balance simultaneously, and to record the flow of money in and out of the system by a chart of accounts. 

Work smart, not hard, with EscrowTrakker® for Lawyers

  • ERP Cloud Financial Management
  • Multi-platform – works equally well from smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Pass-code or fingerprint login for security
  • Patent pending database technology
  • Secure and accessible cloud storage of all entered data
  • Secure cloud hosting by Amazon web hosting services in USA 
  • No other software required. 
  • 30-day free trial
  • Built for big data – unlimited storage – 200 bank accounts
  • Secure AWS data storage included for free forever
  • Responsive customer service: We love to hear from you
  • Regular updates – we respond to user suggestions
  • Unlimited data storage can handle all sizes of law firms
  • Interactive bank account ledger lets you track and compare each lawyers’ performance across all bank accounts and all jobs and much more.
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Photo of Edward Kellman

About the Developer

Edward Kellman graduated from the University of Michigan, with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He worked as a Civil & Structural Professional Engineer and Licensed General Contractor for 30 years in Michigan and Florida. Using his unique set of engineering, mathematical, and programming skills, he recently engineered an app called EscrowTrakker for Lawyers – – a new, efficient method for Escrow, IOLTA, and Trust accounting. A sister app called EscrowTrakker® for Landlords — a new and better way to track tenant escrow deposits will follow.

Kellman’s career in online enterprises began in 2018 when he founded an Amazon store selling drain baskets and other 3-tier sink drain repair items. A self- taught programmer, Kellman custom-programmed a few Amazon listing pages and soon began to generate an average of $6,500 in monthly sales, still growing to this day.

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While developing his passion for online sales, Kellman began to explore other opportunities in which a selling platform exists on a planetary scale. Because of the state of technology today, the explosion in cloud computing, and the development of 5G service, he zeroed in on the Apple and Google Play stores — which are on practically every cell phone in the world. His next step would be developing a SaaS (software as a service) mobile app. 

While brainstorming on what kind of app to develop, Kellman asked himself, “What do I do on the computer every day?” Thanks to his existing Amazon store and other companies, his answer was: accounting. He concentrated on escrow accounting because it is very specialized, and no apps exist to deal with its complexity. With thorough research and engineering analyses, he invented a patent-pending database technology titled the “Double-entry multi-extrinsic-variable accounting method,” that opens the door to unprecedented financial data mining, analytics, and business actionable metrics on a scale never before contemplated or achieved.

After more than a year, Escrow Trakker came to be. The app eliminates time-consuming spreadsheets and ledgers to give users quick, real-time, and worry-free escrow accounting at the touch of a button. EscrowTrakker® for Lawyers is the first in a series of groundbreaking accounting apps Kellman is currently developing and is available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

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