You’ve got 6 floors to get the trust account update. Will the call come in time?

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Painless. Easy to use. Always available. Trust & IOLTA accounting for lawyers.

Reconcile your bank statement monthly. That’s all there is to it. EscrowTrakker® For Lawyers does the rest. No more custom spreadsheets & Ledgers. Track up to 200 separate Trust and IOLTA bank accounts flawlessly.

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What's Included:



What's Included:



What's Included

3-Way Reconciliation in Seconds

Go from hours to minutes a month managing your multiple trust and IOLTA accounts. Eliminate the time-consuming manual process of 3-way reconciliation. Reconciling general checking ledgers, customer balances and bank statements simultaneously is difficult, painstaking and often inaccurate. EscrowTrakker® For Lawyers performs this monthly task automatically and stores this data in the cloud permanently. Print and file with your bank statement each month and you are 100% compliant

Worry-Free compliance

Save Time & Money

Powerful, yet simple to use, EscrowTrakker® gives you the freedom to practice law, not accounting. 

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App Features


Banking – See the data metrics you need to know NOW:

EscrowTrakker® Banking computer screens

Add Transaction

Drop-down auto-fill selection menus for quick and easy data entry:

EscrowTrakker® Add Transaction Screens

Pie Charts

Analytics you can understand and USE:

EscrowTrakker® Pie Charts computer screens

Dial up custom interactive pie charts to see balance and detail:


Custom reports drill down on all financials

EscrowTrakker Reports on computer screens

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General Features